Day 3

I woke up at 14 mmol/L, the app was not connected to the pump as the RileyLink was too far away. I’m using the first gen RileyLink and I know there is a newer one out with better range. I hold the RileyLink nearer to the pump it connects up and the advice is to put in a correction bolus.

The daytime goes well, I bolus for food I’m eating and if I get the bolus a little wrong it advises on the correction.

Nightscout wasn’t displaying as expected, I went over the config again and had missed some of the config variables. I should have read the guide better. After adding them all in, the data started to flow through properly. I want Nightscout as this is how I will present data to my diabetes team as there doesn’t seem to be a nice way to give them the insulin usage apart from this.

I’m getting impatient now, I can see what the app is wanting to do and every time I’m approving it. I’ve decided to close the loop over night and see how it goes. I make sure the limits are set, my phones have power and the RileyLink is as close as possible.

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